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Helpful Discharge Resources

Discharge planning helps individuals prepare for life after completing our treatment program. At Victory Park Recovery Center, discharge plans will look slightly different for each individual, as they are catered to each person’s specific needs. 

At Victory Park Recovery Center, we work closely with each individual to ensure they have a discharge plan that they feel comfortable with and that meets their unique needs and goals. It is important to continue any recommended care after completing our treatment program. We also connect you with our alumni program to provide additional support.

General Tips Upon Discharge

  • Set up a plan for any other therapy or medical appointments necessary after discharge, or speak with your therapist about setting them up.
  • Ensuring you have the correct contact information for your therapist or medical team before discharging from our program.
  • Stay connected. Contact your support network regularly, such as a sponsor, family members, peers in recovery, or friends.
  • Addiction can take a toll on an individual’s physical health. Follow up with a primary care physician to address physical health concerns.
  • Make a plan. If you feel at risk of relapsing or being triggered by a situation, having a relapse plan to rely on is helpful.

Victory Park Recovery Center's Alumni Program

We’re still there for you even after you complete our program. It’s essential to stay connected after discharge from a treatment program. Our alumni program is a great way to meet other like-minded individuals in recovery and build a solid support network. Recovery is ongoing, so having Victory Park Recovery Center’s alumni group and a support network is critical to long-term recovery. More information coming soon on our alumni program.

Support is available!

Victory Park Recovery Center encourages individuals to pursue the resources that promote recovery and fulfillment. There are many resources available for individuals in recovery.

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